Doctor: International Business

2 Xisanhuan Beilu, Beijing, CN, Beijing China


This program is aimed at cultivating multi-lingual and inter-disciplinary business talents whom are equipped with outstanding language proficiency and communication ability. The program is made up of lectures, profession-oriented internships and the master thesis. In-class training and filed work at enterprises of international business are involved in this program. Besides basic theories of international business, students will be exposed to theoretical or practical knowledge of the regional business environment and transnational operations, international trade and investment, business diplomacy and international business law. 


Program level: Doctoral Degree
Discipline: Business and Finance
Application fee: ¥800.00 RMB
Tuition: ¥45000.00 RMB/year
Cost of Living: ¥25000.00 RMB/year
Starting Dates:
Submission deadlines: Status:
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